Who Is Ally Lotti’s New Boyfriend? Ex-Girlfriend Of Juice Wrld


Ally Lotti Was In Relationship With Late Rapper Juice Wrld From 2018 Until His Demise

After the death of the late rapper Juice Wrld, his ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti made highlights with her new boyfriend, Carter Jamison, in 2022, who was ten years her junior.

In parallel to her new relationship, Lotti attracted lots of criticism for allegedly trying to sell her late rapper boyfriend’s belongings and gifting some to her new bf.

Moreover, Ally and Carter saw brief legal trouble after they were alleged to have shoplifted, which was quite a headline in early 2023.

However, the two are nowhere to be seen together, leaving fans to question if she is still dating or has parted ways with him. So, what is Ally’s dating status now? Does she have a new boyfriend again?

This article will give insights into Lotti’s dating story and her relationship with gone-too-soon rapper Juice Wrld.

Ally Lotti’s New Boyfriend In 2024: Who Is She Dating?

After three years of the Lucid Dreams rapper Juice Wrld’s death (in 2019), his ex-girlfriend Ally moved on with her relationship and introduced her new boyfriend, Carter Jamison, to the world in 2022.

However, the age gap of 10 years and the fact that her partner, Carter, was only 19 while she was 27 raised eyebrows of many. Despite backlashes, the two would stay tight and share pictures on social media.

Having been seen together last in early 2023, the duo has yet to make any public appearances. So, queries about whether Lotti dumped him and made a new boyfriend in 2024 surged. Has she?

Ally Lotti And Her New Boyfriend Carter Jamison, Who Is 10 Years Younger Than Her
Ally Lotti And Her New Boyfriend Carter Jamison, Who Is 10 Years Younger Than Her (Source: Twitter)

For now, there’ve been no reports of her new dating story or talks of her break-up with Jamison. None of her posts on her Instagram (@allylotti) or Twitter (@highimallyy) hint at her being in a relationship.

Instead, she seems occupied with modeling and social media influencing her career.

That said, fans are not sitting quietly unless they get insights into her relationship.

Some have already tagged her single. On the other, some allege that she is still dating Carter but went low-key about their romance as the duo’s chemistry got lots of backfires.

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Did Lotti And Carter Break Up?

Although not confirmed officially, rumors have been circulating that Lotti and her Tasty Management founder boyfriend, Jamsion, are not a thing now.

None of Ally’s Instagram posts feature him, while the social media star and business owner beau have disabled his IG account. However, a Twitter account with the handle @carterjamisn_ (it is not confirmed if it is Carter Jamison’s) still has many pictures of them.

What Does Carter Jamison Do?

Carter Jamison is an entrepreneur and social media influencer who became famous as Lott’s new boyfriend after the demise of her ex, Juice Wrld.

Born on July 15, 2003, in Edmond, Oklahoma, Jamison is 20 years old as of January 2024.

Aside from being an Instagram influencer, he’s been running a social media agency, Gateway Gives, since he was 17. He is the company’s CEO and manages the administration and team remotely (with only his smartphone).

Moreover, according to his LinkedIn profile, the Instagram star is also the founder of Tasty Management & Marketing (March 2022- present).

Ally Lotti And Her New Boyfriend Carter Were Arrested; Why?

On January 14, 2023, the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lotti and her controversial partner, Jamison. They were charged with ‘possession of methamphetamine or cocaine with a purpose of delivery, possession of drug paraphernalia, and theft of property.’

As reported, Ally and Carter were first detained for shoplifting at Arkansas Walmart. However, during the search, the official also found narcotics possession.

According to TMZ, her boyfriend was released later that day without a bond after booking him for theft of property. On the other hand, Lotti saw a brief time at Crittenden County Detention Center before her release on a bond of $2,525.

Juice Wrld's Ex-Girlfriend Ally Was Arrested On Charges Of Drug Possession And Theft Of Property In 2023
Juice Wrld’s Ex-Girlfriend Ally Was Arrested On Charges Of Drug Possession And Theft Of Property In 2023 (Source: XXL Mag)

Ally Lotti’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, stated the shoplifting issue was a human error as they thought they scanned every item in the self-checkout; it wasn’t until the security official came to confront them that they realized.

Later, after arriving home, the Instagram influencer shared her 2023 Mercedes-Ben GT, which Carter gifted her to overcome the legal issues from earlier.

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Ally Lotti’s New Boyfriend Criticised For Using Juice Wrld Clothes

In November 2022, Lotti’s boyfriend, Jamison, became the subject of online trolls and hatred after he was seen wearing the clothes of the late rapper Juice Wrld.

Fans were not buying that he was using Juice’s items- as he was seen flexing wearing his apparel. Moreover, in his social media stories, Carter was spotted wearing the watch Juice gave Ally.

Viewers stated it was a ‘disrespect to the rapper,’ so enraged fans backlashed Lotti for allowing such.

Lotti's New Boyfriend Carter Allegedly Wearing The Clothes Of Late Rapper Juice Wrld
Lotti’s New Boyfriend Carter Allegedly Wearing The Clothes Of Late Rapper Juice Wrld (Source: Reddit)

With so, showers of criticism befell Ally and her new partner, resulting in many videos and photo comparisons with Juice Wrld and him on that alleged “same” clothes and jewelry.

Moreover, in February 2023, during an interview with VladTV, rapper 600 Breezy talked about his friendship with the ‘Lean wit Me’ rapper and the viral claim that Lotti was gifting her ex’s belongings to her new bf.

“They claiming she giving up his watches and coats and jackets and sh*t. I’m not just gon’ sit here and say she doin’ that, because I don’t really know what’s going on.”

While noting a probability that she could’ve bought and gifted the same item to Jamison, he did put a straightforward thing that Juice Wrld’s fans ‘don’t play regarding his reputation.’

Ally Lotti Tried To Sell Her Rapper Boyfriend’s Memorabilia

After her rapper boyfriend died of an accidental drug overdose, things have changed for Ally in many ways, or so it seems.

Many of those who adored her relationship with the rapper took a U-turn to criticize her after she allegedly tried to peddle her then-boyfriend’s belongings.

In June 2023, a screenshot of Instagram DMs came forth where Lotti was allegedly trying to cash out $30K from her selling her late boyfriend’s belongings online. 

In the alleged bargain for sales, Ally wrote, “I would like to be away with like 30k honestly you know. So what’s your budget?”.

Later, a Juice Wrld fan page @jucieacitivist put the “coveted Transparent Prism Louis Vuitton backpack” once owned by the rapper for sale seeking $40K.

Another fan page named @rarejuicewrld shared Instagram snaps of Lotti holding the items they were vending to confirm the authenticity of the listed items.

Lotti Revealed That She Had Miscarriages With Juice Wrld

On December 8, 2020, on the first death anniversary of Juice Wrld, Ally took to Twitter (now X) to share ‘one of the many secrets she’s dealt alone’, that she was pregnant with her rapper boyfriend’s child but had several miscarriages.

Even if the Tweet has since been deleted, viewers quickly took the post’s screen before it went down.

In her now-deleted post, Lotti stated that she suffered three miscarriages while in a relationship with the iHeartRadio Music Award-winning rapper. 

In addition to that, she mentioned that another miscarriage followed after his death due to stress.

Moreover, Ally Lotti mentioned that getting on the plane was “too triggering” for her, as her ex died after a seizure while she was on a flight with him.

Ally Lotti Still Has Pictures Of Juice Wrld On Her Social Media

Lotti is an avid social media user with abundant followers on her Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles.

Aside from her exotic modeling pictures, she still has adorable pictures with her late boyfriend, Juice Wrld, on the platforms above. Occasionally, she shares throwbacks from her moments with the rapper.

While some taunt her for dating a new boyfriend- given that she allegedly gave him some of the rapper’s memorabilia, some support her, stating everyone needs to move on.

Here are her social media links and followers:

Instagram (@allylotti)-1.4 million followers

Twitter (@highimallyy)- 364K followers

TikTok (@theallylotti)- 1.2 million followers

Does Ally Have An OnlyFans Account?

Yes, she does have one. She is an OnlyFans model, aside from being an Instagram influencer.

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