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Levy Rozman And His Wife, Lucy

American chess International Master Levy Rozman and his wife, Lucy Ovich, are one of the power chess couples with an exciting story of their courtship. The duo’s been married for two years.

When Rozman first met Lucy in 2015, she was not interested in him; even more, she ghosted him on their second date. It was not until four years later that the two would meet again, which turned out well, and they started dating.

Levy, who retired from competitive chess in 2022 to pursue YouTube and Twitch streaming, often features his wife in his videos. So, is his spouse into chess, too? Yes, she is a chess enthusiast but focuses on her data analyst career.

Explore more about Levy’s wife, relationship, and wedding in this article.

Quick Facts

Name Levy Rozman
Date of BirthDecember 5, 1995
Age28 Years Old (as of February 2024)
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m)
ProfessionYouTuber and Twitch Streamer, Former Chess Player
Sexual OrientationStraight

Levy Rozman’s Wife, Lucy Ovich: Age And Nationality

Rozman’s girlfriend-turned-wife, Lucille “Lucy” Zuo Ovich, came to the United States for higher studies. According to her husband Levy’s Instagram post, she got her ‘green card’ in April 2023.

As reported, Lucy obtained her high school degree from St. Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain in 2015, located in Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the Caribbean. So, her nationality is Trinbagonians.

Levy Rozman's Wife, Lucy, With Their Pet Dog, Benji
Levy Rozman’s Wife, Lucy, With Their Pet Dog, Benji (Source: Instagram)

Her birthday falls on August 22; however, the exact year of her birth is unknown. As of 2024, she is in her late 20s. Her husband, Levy, a chess International Master, born on December 5, 1995, is 28 years old.

Wife’s NationalityTrinbagonians (of Trinidad and Tobago)
Current ResidenceUnited States (Green Card holder)
BirthdayAugust 22

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What Does Rozman’s Wife Do? Academics And Career

After completing high school in Trinidad and Tobago, Lucy moved to the United States and enrolled at New York University in 2015. Then, in 2019, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics (with a minor in computer science).

Shortly after graduating, she joined Talent Tech Labs (2019-20) as an associate research analyst before promotion to senior research analyst. Then, she spent nearly two years (Nov 2020- July 2022) at Teachable as a data analyst II.

Lucy’s LinkedIn profile shows she is a senior data analyst at SeatGeek (January 2023- present). Earlier, she was a senior data analyst at Revel for seven months (July 2022- January 2023).

Levy Rozman And Lucy Ovich’s Dating Story Is One Of Its Kind

During a segment of Rozman’s Gotham City Podcast with Sagar Shah in 2021, the chess player and content creator revealed how he met Lucy (his wife).

It was in 2015 when he first saw her while visiting an NYU suite of a person he met via a dating app, where Lucy was the neighbor. A few months later, the YouTuber asked her on a date and went to a Singaporean restaurant.

However, it didn’t go well; she was not getting his sense of humor. Rozman said that when he asked for a second date, she made excuses like she was afraid to get on the train, so he also responded that he wouldn’t date someone who couldn’t take a train.

As reported, the two had a little argument over text, which ended their potential romance for the time being.

Two years later, in 2017, Levy again saw Lucy on a dating app and asked for another date. However, she ghosted him.

Levy And Lucy Began Dating After They Reconnected In 2019, Following Four Year Of Their Not-So-Good Date In 2015
Levy And Lucy Began Dating After They Reconnected In 2019, Following Four Years Of Their Not-So-Good Date In 2015 (Source: Instagram)

Then, again in January 2019, the chess International Master noticed Lucy’s profile on a dating app and asked her out with a joke, “Do you think after three years, I can have a second date?” They started talking and agreed to meet.

Moreover, to ensure she would not ghost him that time, he texted her ‘six hours’ before the date, ‘Hey, don’t cancel this time.’ He took her to an Ethiopian restaurant, and it went well. The two have been dating since then.

On February 10, 2021, Rozman made a Twitter (now X) post on their relationship anniversary.

Also, Ovich made an IG post on their anniversary and admitted to ghosting him, “Two years ago, I decided to stop ghosting you after 3 years, and now you make me the happiest person in the world. I love you more than I can articulate.”

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Levy Rozman And Lucy Got Married Ahead Of Christmas

After dating for nearly three years, Levy and Lucy married on December 21, 2021, and they took to Instagram to share the news of their wedding.

The American chess player wrote, “We got married!” as he shared a picture of them flaunting their wedding bands. On her part, Lucy captioned, “This is not a drill!! Today, I married the love of my life and the goat of online chess.”

Picture From Wedding Moment Of Levy Rozman And Lucy
Picture From The Wedding Moment Of Rozman And Lucy (Source: Instagram)

Due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols, they tied the knot in New York City in a small affair.

They were in casuals as they exchanged vows- Rozman wore a blue shirt with black pants while Lucy donned a floral embroidered white mini-skirt style wedding dress.

Even if the two never confirmed the exacts of their engagement, sources alleged that he proposed to her somewhere in 2021.

Now, Levy and Lucy share pictures of each other on their Instagram profiles. Moreover, she frequently appears on her husband’s YouTube videos, where she leaves no place to roast him.

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Do They Share Children?

No, the duo has yet to share any children. Instead, they have a Bernedoodle named Benji, whom they consider their son. Both Levy and Lucy feature their pet dog on their Instagram.

Marital StatusMarried
Wedding DateDecember 21, 2021
Wife’s NameLucille “Lucy” Ovich

Is Levy Rozman’s Wife Active On Instagram?

Yes, Rozman’s wife, Lucy, is an avid user of Instagram under the handle @lucilleovich. She shares pictures of her moments with her husband and their pet dog. She also has a Twitter (X account), which she joined in March 2020, and a TikTok account.

Here are the links and followers of Lucy’s social handles:

Comparatively, her husband, Levy, has an enormous fan following on social media. His IG profile has over 1.1 million followers. Moreover, his YouTube channel, GothamChess (created on August 7, 2018), has 4.64 million subscribers and has 1 million followers on Twitch.

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Who Are Levy Rozman’s Parents? Early Life And Family

An American by nationality, Rozman was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a Russian emigrant mother, Lina Zeldovich, and a Ukrainian emigrant father, Eugene Rozman. He and his younger brother, Leo, grew up living back and forth between New York and New Jersey.

A first-generation American, Levy spoke Russian and learned English only in preschool. When he was five, his mother signed him up for chess classes, where he showed exceptional growth.

His father would take then-8-year-old Rozman to the park where elderly people played chess and would ‘beat them all.’

Levy Rozman With His Family- Parents, Wife, And Sibling
Levy Rozman With His Family- Parents, Wife, And Sibling (Source: Twitter)

Aside from games, Levy excelled academically. He graduated from Brauch College in 2017 with a BBA in Statistics & Quantitative Modeling.

He had a side job teaching chess at Brooklyn private school, which paid him $100 an hour. By 2018, he began streaming their games on Twitch and posted videos of him playing chess on YouTube.

Little did he know it would earn him the name ‘GothamChess’ and make him a famous chess content YouTuber/streamer.

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Why Did Rozman Retire From Chess?

At 7, Rozman had his first chess tournament, and by the age of 12, in 2008, he had a FIDE rating 2000.

In 2011, he earned the National Master title from USCF, which followed his recognition as FIDE Master in 2016 and International Master (IM) in 2018.

After over 20 years of playing chess, Levy retired from competitive chess in July 2022 following a disappointing performance at the New York Summer Invitational tournament. He cited physical and mental stress as the reason for retirement.

A month later, in August 2022, he had a career-high rating of 2320.

Now, Rozman creates chess content on his YouTube channel and streams his games on Twitch. Moreover, in October 2023, he released a book, How to Win at Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Beyond; it became #4 in the NY best sellers list.

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