Who Is Surthany Hejeij’s Husband? Exploring the Relationships of Surthany Hejeij.

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Surthany Hejeij, a famous Lebanese TikTok star recognised for posting cooking-related videos, celebrated her 10th anniversary with her husband Hassan Cheaito, in 2019. They are known for celebrating their vacation in diverse locations, sometimes the beloved Bali, sometimes the paradise of Venezuela, and alike.

Surthany made her relationship public in 2014 when she made an Instagram post together. From that day to this day, the couples are together through thick and thin, being each other’s support.

Now, the couple shares two children, a daughter and a son. This family of four is having happy times together. The following section will provide more depth into the Surthany Hejeij family. Please read the article to the end to learn about this family’s secrets.

Who Is The Husband Of Surthany Hejeij? When Did They Get Married?

Surthany Hejeij’s husband’s name is Hassan Cheaito. He helps Surthany in preparing different fusions of recipes. Sometimes, it is Muslim cuisine, while sometimes, it mixes Venezuelan and Muslim food habits.

No matter what she is cooking, Hassan always accompanies her. I’m not quite sure yet, but through the videos Surthany uploads on her social channel, there is a likely chance of her husband being a Muslim.

Surthany Hejeij celebrated her tenth anniversary with her husband in 2019 (Source: Instagram)
Surthany Hejeij celebrated her tenth anniversary with her husband in 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Surthny, along with her husband, as cited above, celebrated her 10th anniversary on the 30th of November 2019. It may be the day after they officially started to date, as an Instagram post by Surthany on 20th August 2016 suggests that they may have tied the official knot in 2014.

In the post, she has expressed gratitude for being with her husband for 2 years. Sharing a photo of both, she captions, “🍷🍷🍾.. 2 years being the happiest woman on earth @cheaito_hassan .. 😻”.

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Cheaito Hassan Doesn’t Leave A Chance To Surprise His Wife

Whether it is a 5-minute walk on the coastline to lighten up his wife’s mood, preparing a feast for their anniversary or making her birthday memorable, Hassan doesn’t take a chance to surprise his wife.

In 2016, Hassan organised a birthday bash, wishing his wife a delighted birthday. Surthany later expressed her gratitude for organising such an event for her.

Moreover, Pouring her feelings into words, she describes through an Instagram post that these efforts pull her closer to him every time; she is grateful to have a husband like him.

Cheaito Hassan Is The Biggest Follower Of His Wife

Hassan is the biggest follower of his wife, Surthany Hejeij. He appreciates her the way she is. Also, he admires her endearing gesture and accepts her flaws and mistakes.

Surthany proudly boasts that she doesn’t need makeup and can stay without makeup in front of her husband. She doesn’t have to wear extra facades to impress him, which she defines as her strength. Her husband remains her all-time motivation.

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How Old Is Surthany Hejeij’s Husband? A Little Guide To His Age

The complete date of birth of Surthany’s husband is not yet available, but through a post by Surthany on the 2nd of February 2015, we discovered that her husband turned thirty the same day. With such, it can be predicted that he may have belonged to 1985.

Surthany threw a small surprise on his 30th birthday. With some cookies and cake, she made his birthday memorable.

As predicted, his birth year was 1985, and Cheaito may be 38 years old as of 2023. Despite being at such an age, he looks radiant and seems like he is not ageing at all. He has a very cheerful personality and is very helpful.

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Are Surthany Hejeij And Cheaito Hassan Blessed With Any Children?

In the earlier section, it is unfolded that Surthany Hejeij now has a family of four: a little princess, a prince and her dream man. Let’s explore this family of hers in depth through the following section.

Surthany and her husband welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named Shiloh, on 28th February 2016. Through an Instagram post, Surthay expressed that it was the first time she experienced motherhood and was surrounded by new emotions and feelings, but she was lucky to have such beauty with the man she adores. Her husband seems to be cherishing the moments just like her, as the love is all reflected in his eyes.

Many transitions with the baby bumps and holding the little princess alongside her husband are demonstrated through Surthany’s personal Instagram page. You can visit it.

Surthany Hejeij has a cute family of four (Source: Instagram)
Surthany Hejeij has a cute family of four (Source: Instagram)

Not only a daughter, they welcomed their second child, a son whom they named Hadi but call Panda, on July 19, 2020, precisely at 2:55 in the morning. He has been three years old as of 2023. One can visit Surthany’s Instagram walls for a better look at how the baby looks, as the Instagram walls of Surthany are coloured by the pictures of baby pandas’ monthly photoshoots.

Who is Surthany Hejeij?

Surthany Hejeij is a famous Lebanese TikTok star recognised for posting cooking-related videos on her Instagram account.

What is the nationality of Surthany Hejeij?

How long has Surthany Hejeij been with her husband?

What is the name of Surthany Hejeij’s husband?

Where can we access Surthany Hejeij’s husband?

How many children does Surthany Hejeij have?

Why is Surthany Hejeij and her husband famous?

Meet Surthany Hejeij

A well-known figure in TikTok, this Lebanese content creator has accumulated tremendous popularity for her culinary expertise, demonstrated through a crossbreed of Venezuelan and Lebanese cuisines, mirroring her dual ancestry.

Boasting 28 million followers, her page proposes a compelling mix of cookery tutorials and glances into her day-to-day life. Her TikTok journey began in March 2020 with a videotape featuring her lip-syncing to Lizzo’s Boys.

Notably, in April 2022, she conveyed a heartwarming video preparing hotdogs for a charity endeavour that aspired to feed underprivileged youngsters, gathering over 18 million views.

Beyond TikTok, her surthycooks Instagram page is a nucleus for much content, from cooking demonstrations to snippets of her daily life, compelling an equally extensive audience.

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