Top 10 Female Fitness Influencers on Instagram

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Instagram is the advertising hub and the business gateway nowadays, and fitness is an integral part of daily life. In such a scenario, fitness influencers need to rush to Instagram to make their reputation reach global heights.

With the right track of time and appropriate judgment, some fitness influencers have already grounded themselves on Instagram. Thanks to their intellectual and rational thinking, they are now listed as Instagram’s top 10 fitness influencers.

When mentioning fitness, some may conclude that only males can top the chart, but we must look through the big picture as it is in the 21st century. Now, the females are no longer in the latter lines. From having millions of followers behind their names, here is the list of top 10 female fitness influencers on Instagram.

Quick Facts

ArtistInstagram followers
Kayla Itsines16.1M followers
Jen Selter14.1M followers
Michelle Lewin16.2M followers
Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn (Tone It Up)1.2M followers
Emily Skye2.7M followers
Anna Victoria1.1M followers
Brittne Babe2.2M followers
Massy Arias2.7M followers
Cassey Ho (Blogilates)2.6M followers
Chanel Coco Brown (shared with Simeon Panda)665K followers

Now, we will go into brief detail about this Instagram celebrity. Please keep reading to discover their life achievements and all other related proportions.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines, born on May 21, 1991, in Adelaide, Australia, grew to dominance as a fitness coach and influencer. Her Bikini Body Guide (BBG) program, centralising on high-intensity training tailored for women, catapulted her to stardom.

Why She Stands Out?

She conveyed transformation stories and workout routines using Instagram, collecting a massive following. Co-founding the Sweat app extended her reach, providing a medium for users worldwide to access her fitness programs and nutritional guidance.

Kayla Itsines on being asked about her inspiration, and how she took fitness as her passion.

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.

Notable Achievements

She has received and provided notable achievements to the world, such as her fitness program, BBG, and her co-founded Sweat app.

The BBG received tremendous popularity due to its structured procedure for workouts, concentrating on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and bodyweight exercises.

This program inspires women to achieve their fitness goals, including muscle building, weight loss, and overall progress in health and fitness levels.

The Sweat app was a platform to host her BBG program along with other fitness training, meal plans, and nutritional direction. This app revolutionized the reach of her workout programs.

It lets users worldwide access her programs, monitor their progress, and acquire personalized fitness recommendations, contributing immensely to her global impact on the fitness industry.

Sweat app co-creator and BBG creator Kayla Itsines (Source: Instagram)
Sweat app co-creator and BBG creator Kayla Itsines (Source: Instagram)

As mentioned above in the quick fact section, Kayla has a massive following of 16.1M followers on her Instagram. She joined Instagram in July 2011 and has shared over 8000 posts. You can access her Instagram here.

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Jen Selter

Jen Selter, born on August 8, 1993, in Roslyn Heights, New York, USA, acquired international notoriety as a fitness influencer and model. Hailing from the United States, Jen held a household reputation due to the compelling fitness tales she shared on her Instagram.

Why She Stands Out?

Jen rose to preeminence by posting motivational workout videos on her Instagram account and demonstrating her expertise in glute-focused training. She motivated millions with her fitness routines and strived at carving and toning the body.

Notable Achievements

Jen’s commitment to fitness and charismatic online presence propelled her to become a globally acknowledged fitness influencer. Her notable accomplishments include her yearly contract with the Fit plan, an exercise app, and a customized workout band.

Jen Selter (Source: Instagram)
Jen Selter (Source: Instagram)

Instagram is the key to her stardom. She joined Instagram in December 2011 with the handle jenselter, with 14.1M followers now. She has made more than 2000 posts to date. You can access her Instagram here.

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is a well-known fitness model, bodybuilder, and social media personality famous for her ample impact on fitness initiatives.

Born on February 25, 1986, in Maracay, Venezuela, Lewin ascended to notoriety through her dedication to fitness and supporting fanbase on her Instagram. She also has a website, which provides customized workout routines.

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Why She Stands Out?

Lewin attained global fame through her sculpted body. She used this body to set an example of her successful fitness journey that led her to the championship, such as the NCP bikini competition, and Instagram was the platform that took her to such height.

Notable Achievements

Lewin contested in various IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) and NPC (National Physique Committee) events, demonstrating her innate talent and devotion to the sport.

In 2014, she partook in several IFBB competitions, including the Nordic Pro, where she achieved 10th place; in the Dallas Pro and Europa Show of Champions Orlando 12th place; in the PBW Tampa Pro and Prestige Crystal Cup 4th place, in the Greater Gulf States Pro 6th place, in Europa Dallas, and Legends Pro Bikini Classic 3rd place, and 9th place on Battle on the Beach Pro.

Before that, in 2013, she acquired eminent success at NPC events, ensuring 1st place at the Fort Lauderdale Cup twice and ranking 2nd and 3rd at the NPC Southern States.

Michelle Lewin (Source: Instagram)
Michelle Lewin (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her Instagram, she joined Instagram with the handle michelle_lewin in December 2013. Now, she has 16.2M followers with more than 1700 posts.

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn (Tone It Up)

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, the co-creators of Tone It Up, have tremendously impacted the fitness enterprise. Katrina Scott, born on December 21, 1982, and Karena Dawn, born on August 11, 1982, hail from the United States.

Why They Stand Out?

Katrina and Karena earned fame through their fitness brand, Tone It Up, quickly becoming a marvel in the wellness world. Tone It Up is an online platform proffering workout routines, nutritional direction, and a supportive community.

Notable Achievements

The dynamic duo’s popularity skyrocketed as they conveyed their expertise on fitness routines, diet and practice through social media, such as YouTube and Instagram, demonstrating workout challenges, healthy recipes, and inspirational content.

Moroever, they are best known for nurturing a community of women reserved to living healthier lifestyles through activity, nourishment, and positive support. Their outstanding initiatives, correlated with their adherence to empowering women on their fitness journeys, have clotted their position in the fitness community.

Katrina and Karena’s slogan,

“Healthy is lean, claen’N green!”
One of the Tone It Up founders, Katrina Scott (Source: Instagram)
One of the Tone It Up founders, Katrina Scott (Source: Instagram)

Talking about their joint Instagram venture, tone it up: they started in March 2013. Now, it alone boasts 1.2M followers with more than 5000 posts. You can access it through here.

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Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a compelling wellness icon and social media phenomenon hailing from Australia. Born January 7th, 1985, Emily soared to fame by adhering to health, wellness, and empowering fitness routines.

Why She Stands Out?

Skyle is celebrated for her motivational fitness content and transformative workout programs. Her self-titled fitness website,, blogs about her inspirational journey; through this, she sells her F.I.T. program.

The FIT program is aimed at improving women’s health. There are tons of impressive positive reviews and remarks about this program online. She launched this FIT program in 2014.

Notable Achievements

One of her most notable achievements is owning a business and interpreting the FIT program. Besides this, it is her enlistment in Forbes as a Top Fitness Influencer and fitness mogul.

Emily Skye (Source: Instagram)
Emily Skye (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her Instagram presence, she has a massive following of 2.7M followers on her Instagram handle, emilyskyefit, which she joined in September 2013. She has shared more than 3000 posts there. You can access her Instagram via this.

Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria is a well-known fitness influencer and entrepreneur originally hailing from the United States, a country with numerous opportunities.

Born on June 29th, 1988, Victoria rose to fame when she created The 12 Week Fit Body Guides, 12 Week Meal Plan Guide and 12 Week Training Guide, which inspired a global audience with her authenticity to maintain a balanced lifestyle. She is also a certified personal trainer.

Why She Stands Out?

Anna Victoria is famous for helping women worldwide through her inspirational fitness goals shared on her Instagram account. She has been doing this since 2015. She focuses on strengthening physical health and considers mental health and well-balances soul with the body.

Notable Achievements

Victoria is the founder of the workout and wellness app Fit Body. Fit Body offers three workout programs through which you can choose one with whom you are much more adaptable. The program is designed in such a way that it can help in both burning fat and, at the same time, strengthening your entire body.

Moroever, it also provides a customized and balanced meal plan. Also, Victoria is the host of podcasting Your Best Life with Anna Victoria.

Anna Victoria (Source: Instagram)
Anna Victoria (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her Instagram presence with the handle annavictoria, she has 1.1M followers. She joined Instagram with this handle on September 2013. She has shared more than 2800 posts to date. You can access her Instagram here.

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Brittne Babe

Brittne Babe is the founder of Brittne Babe Fitness, LLC. She is a natural athlete, certified personal trainer and online health and wellness coach. She hails from Queensland, New York but was raised in New Jersey. Like her, her family also has a deep-rooted interest in fitness.

Why She Stands Out?

Brittne Babe rose to prominence by sharing her health and fitness blogs through Instagram. Her habit of documenting everything on the camera led her to what she is today.

She is appreciated even more and is well persuaded by the public because of her impressive academics, as she is a bachelor’s graduate in science and public health. This education guided her with a solid touch on nutrition, influence, disease and prevention.

Notable Achievements

One of her notable achievements is her graduation from college with a degree in Public health. This helped her build her empire, a fitness business, and a clothing line.

Also, through her website,, she provides fitness-related challenges. She commercializes Bombshell Sportswear through her Instagram page, and through it, too, she receives quite the accolades.

Brittne Babe (Source: Instagram)
Brittne Babe (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her Instagram presence, she is available with the handle brittnebabe, where she has 2.2M followers. She joined this handle in December 2010. To date, she has shared more than 2700 posts there. Much of them are about her advertisements of Bombshell sportswear. You can access her Instagram here.

Massy Arias

Massy Arias, born on November 23rd, 1988, is a well-famed fitness trainer, influencer, and entrepreneur initilaly from the Dominican Republic. She was formerly known as Mankofit, a certified personal trainer and health coach. Her journey to stardom began after hitting the gym while recovering from a nasty breakup.

Why She Stands Out?

Massy Arias is best comprehended for her empowering fitness practices. She has intrigued a global audience through her motivational content, healthy lifestyles, recipes, and workout programs.

Notable Achievements

Arias is featured in the famous Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and Worldstar Hiphop. This has taken her stardom to new and successive heights.

While asked about her motivation and how she picked on healthy habits, workouts and practice, Arias mentioned the following.

Arias in a Q&A session with uniquecoloring.

“I had no background in training or sports or anything, but I started going to the gym and working out on the elliptical. I worked up to 45 minutes, one hour, an hour and a half—it became like a healthy addiction.”

Moreover, Arias is the CEO of fitness supplements tru_supplemants. She also has her own fitness program called mawarriors. Her popularity is growing day by day.

Massy Arias (Source: Instagram)
Massy Arias (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her Instagram popularity, she has a handle messy.arias with 2.7M followers. She joined Instagram with this handle in May 2011. To date, she has shared more than 4000 posts. You can access her Instagram via this.

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Cassey Ho (Blogilates)

Cassey Ho, learned by her online persona Blogilates, is a distinguished fitness coach, entrepreneur, and social media personality based in Los Angeles, United States. She was born on January 16th, 1987 and is famed as an award-winning fitness instructor.

Why She Stands Out?

Cassey rose to prominence through her top-rated YouTube channel, Blogilates, where she shares creative and compelling Pilates workouts, fitness routines, and health tips.

Beyond workouts, Cassey accentuates the essence of mental health, self-acceptance, and body positivity, assembling a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for her followers. Because of this, she is widely acclaimed and favoured by her followers.

Notable Achievements

One well-known achievement of Cassey is her certification in Pilates and fitness. This serves as a pillar ground for her career.

As an entrepreneur, Cassey expanded her reach initially through her YouTube channel, gradually extending to fitness apparel, workout plans, and nutrition guidance through her website and various social media platforms.

She was also part of the renowned Forbes when she was interviewed in 2012. She also won the Best Healthy Living Blog award in 2012. She also owns a clothing line, Bodypop.

Cassey Ho (Source: Instagram)
Cassey Ho (Source: Instagram)

Regarding her Instagram presence, she is available with the handle blogilates, with 2.6M followers. She joined Instagram with this handle on May 2012. To date, she has shared more than 6000 posts. You can access her Instagram here.

Chanel Coco Brown (shared with Simeon Panda)

Chanel Coco Brown, primarily known as Chanel Brown, is best known for her lifestyle content and inspires people worldwide. She promotes healthy and happy living through her Instagram feeds. She is originally from England and was born on 13th June 1992.

Why She Stands Out?

Brown worked as a commercial model before becoming famous as an Instagram celebrity. She got much into the public eye after she became one of the judges of Muscleman Mania’s Fitness American Championships in 2015.

Notable Achievements

Chanel Brown has her website chanelcocobrown, where she shares her fitness routines. She is a wellness coach by profession. This is her very accomplishment.

In her workout videos, she also features her boyfriend and fellow bodybuilder, Simeon Panda. This has received positive praise and claims globally. Hence, her channel is also named Chanel Panda.

Chanel CoCo Brown (Source: Instagram)
Chanel CoCo Brown (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her Instagram, she, with the handle chanelcocobrown has 665k followers. With such a handle, she joined Instagram in November 2012. To date, she has shared more than 2900 posts. You can access her Instagram via this.

Why are the fitness individuals considered as the influencers?

Fitness individuals are the actual influencers. It is because they directly and indirectly get associated with the public, affecting their life habits and practices.

Who is the most famous female fitness model?

Why do fitness influencers use Instagram as their accessible platform?

Final Words

As mentioned, all the above-noted celebrities have achieved significant milestones through Instagram. Their popularity is rising rapidly, and it is only because of their appropriate exposure through Instagram.

With such, it is evident that those artists, whether they belong to the fitness realm or any other background, will have their golden days ahead if they excel in their exposure to social media such as Instagram. We wish all the individuals all the best for their coming days.

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