How Old Is Lorena De La Garza? Age, Height, Boyfriend And Illness


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Lorena De La Garza, an American-born Mexican actress aged 49, went from theatre plays and singing in bars to a proficient figure in the Mexican TV industry.

Having set sail to an on-screen journey in 1997, Garza emphasized TV series over the big screen and recorded 16 acting credits. She garnered attention as Nacasia in the sketch comedy La Hora Pico (2000-07) and never looked back ever since.

The actress would reprise her role as Nacasia in the spin-off series Tal para cual (2022- 23). Her other notable TV appearances are Durmiendo con mi jefe, La Fan, and Muchachitas como tú.

However, after she revealed about her illness- that she is suffering from cardiac dysautonomia, many of her fans were left in astonishment. So, will she continue her acting career?

Moreover, it also raised queries about her personal life- family, boyfriend, and relationship. Get all answers below.

Lorena De La Garza Age In 2024: How Old Is She? Her Height?

De La Garza was born on September 28, 1974, during Gen X. As of January 2024, the La Fan actress is 49 years old. This coming September 28, she will enter her 50s with her 50th birthday.

Thanks to her workouts and diet plans, Lorena’s beauty and physique compels anyone to mistake her for a younger age. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

She has a slim body figure and a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m).

Date Of BirthSeptember 28, 1974
Age (In 2024)49 Years Old

Where Is Lorena De La Garza From? Nationality And Ethnicity

Fans often query Lorena’s birthplace, which translates to “donede nacio” in Spanish. The La Hora Pico star was born in McAllen, Texas.

However, she and her family later moved to Mexico, where she has familial roots. As a result, her nationality is Mexican, and she is Latina by ethnicity.

Childhood Picture Of Lorena De La Garza
Childhood Picture Of Lorena De La Garza (Source: Instagram)

Often on her Instagram, Garza shares pictures of her family members and memories of her childhood while growing up in Mexico.

She follows Christianity and features pictures from Christmas celebrations with her family.


De La Garza’s Parents And Siblings

Lorena was born to Mexican-American parents but has kept their names under wraps. She often shares pictures of her father and mother on her Instagram.

Considering their looks, her dad and mom are allegedly in their 80s and 70s, respectively. In May 2018, she shared a throwback picture on Instagram from her days as a toddler, featuring her parents.

There’ve been reports that her parents have already separated.

On Christmas Eve of 2023, the actress shared a picture with her dad, with a caption that hinted that she and her father reunited after many years of disconnection. She wrote:

“Dad and we meet again… wish we never had to grow apart but the past is the past. Merry Christmas to everyone.”

Loreno De La Garza And Her Sister
Lorena With Her Sister Blanch De La Garza (Source: Instagram)

As her parents moved on with their respective relationships, she had four younger half-siblings besides three blood-related older brothers.

While most of her siblings live low-key lives, one of Garza’s known siblings is her sister, Blanch De la Garza. She goes by @blanch_delagarza on Instagram.

Siblings7 (sisterBlanch De la Garza)

Lorena Was About To Quit Acting

In June 2023, on her Instagram, the Mexican actress shared a story from two decades earlier on how she went on board to become an acclaimed actress.

As mentioned in the post, she was traveling to Nuevo Laredo when she received a call from TV producer Baldomero Tamez, who invited her for an audition in the TV program Picardía Mexicana.

However, disappointed by the “complicated stretches” of her acting journey, she was about to turn down the role that would change her life forever.

Actress De La Garza With TV Producer Baldomero Tamez And Reynaldo Lopez
Actress De La Garza With TV Producer Baldomero Tamez And Reynaldo Lopez (Source: Instagram)

In the post, Garza wrote that she was traveling to learn a new trade as even after ten years as a theater actress, singing in bars and sometimes in the Metro, it was not good enough.

After Tamez convinced her, she dropped her bus ticket and went for the audition- and guess what? She got cast in the show.

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Garza’s Acting Career: Breakthrough To TV Series

From 1997 to 2000, Lorena appeared in various roles in the musical comedy Picardía Mexicana.

Then, in 2000, she got a call to work in the TV comedy show La hora pico (translation: Rush Hour), where her character Nacasia became a household name.

There, she worked through 2007, and between that frame, she booked roles in the TV series Velo de novia, VidaTv, and Muchachitas como tú.

Fast forward to a few years, in 2013, De La Garza got further TV exposure in the mainstream as Cleo Briones in the series Durmiendo con mi jefe.

Another notable screen time came in 2017 when she landed as Natalia in the drama series La Fan, starring Angélica Vale, Juan Pablo Espinosa, and Scarlet Ortiz.

Having worked in +Noche (2019-20) and Dr. Cándido Pérez (2021), Lorena reprised her role as Nacasia (from ‘La hora pico‘) in the Tal para cual (2022-23, 27 episodes).

Most recently, the actress guest starred as Martha Zavaleta in the Mexican biographical TV series Gloria Trevi: Ellas soy yo (2023).

Who Is Lorena De La Garza’s Dating Now? Ex-Boyfriend Fernando Vega

Lorena has no boyfriend and has remained out of the dating story publicly. Perhaps it was due to an emotional and mental toll after her split from her ex-partner that kept her focused on herself for now.

In January 2022, De La Garza shocked fans with the news of her split with her boyfriend, Fernando Vega. As reported, the two were in a relationship for a year, but it seems it didn’t work out for them.

They met in 2021 in the play Serenata a mis Muerte and began dating shortly after.

Lorena De La Garza And Her Ex-Boyfriend Fernando Vega
Lorena De La Garza And Her Ex-Boyfriend Fernando Vega

Later, in an interview with Venga La Alegría, the Mexican actress addressed that she was the victim of abuse, which led to their split. She said,

“I don’t have a boyfriend anymore because then they behave badly and do terrible things. They behave badly, then they get kind of aggressive, then they want to put their body on you and then no.”

Why Did Garza Break Up With Fernando?

Her ex-boyfriend Fernando is openly bisexual, and many claimed that his sexual orientation was the igniting factor of their break-up. On the other, some claimed that the Argentine-born actor and model was with Lorena to get hype from their relationship.

However, during an interview with Sale el Sol, De La Garza dispelled those rumors with her statement,

“[…] I don’t consider myself a famous person; I consider myself a well-known person, he didn’t use me or use me in the slightest […]”

Also, she stated that a person’s sexual orientation was not an issue for her as long as their heart was pure. Moreover, Lorena commented that she knew about Vega being bisexual at the start of their relationship.

“Bisexual, pansexual, trisexual, homosexual, that doesn’t matter to me; the only thing that matters to me about people is their heart and who they are.”

However, it was his infidelity and toxicity in the relationship that tore apart the couple, and he stated, ‘It was very strong when one gets triangulated; it had nothing to do with sexual orientation.’

Does Lorena Have a Child?

No, the La Hora Pico actress does not have a child. Instead, she has a parrot named Sebastian, often featuring her pet on her IG posts.

However, some mix up her name with Congresswoman Lorena de la Garza Venecia, who has a daughter, Ana Paula, and a son, Leo, with her husband, Julio César García.

Marital StatusNot Married
Relationship StatusSingle
Children None
Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend NameFernando Vega (ex-boyfriend)

Is Lorena De La Garza Sick? More On Illness And Diagnosis

Yes, De La Garza is diagnosed with a rare disease, cardiac dysautonomia, which she revealed during an interview with Ventaneando in 2020. It is a condition where the brain doesn’t transmit information correctly to the body.

Speaking of her illness, she said,

“It is bad information that your brain sends to one of your organs, in my case it sent it to the heart. The condition made it beat slowly, and that has affected me.”

As reported, she was diagnosed with this condition in 2010, and amid this, she excelled as an actress.

Garza As Enchantress In Signing Reality Show, Quien es la máscara
Garza As Enchantress In Signing Reality Show, Quien es la máscara (Source: Gluc.Mx)

Her health issue again came to the limelight in November 2023, when she was eliminated from Quien es la máscara (similar to the singing reality show The Masked Singer) in its fifth episode.

Fans were shocked by the revelation that she was behind the character Enchantress and struggling with a rare disease.

How Much Is Net Worth Of Lorena De La Garza?

As of 2024, De La Garza has an estimated net worth of $200K. Her acting career, which spans over 25 years, garnered considerable money.

Even if the exact salary figure from her on-screen projects is not out, it is alleged in the 6-digit figure.

According to online sources, the average annual salary of an actor in Mexico is $41,600.

She resides in her home in Mexico, though details of her real estate/properties remain under wraps. There is no doubt that Garza’s earnings as an actress allowed her to live a quality lifestyle.


A Texas-born Mexican actress, Lorena De La Garza, went from singing in pubs and working as an extra to an acclaimed figure in the Mexican TV industry. Her journey to success seems like a film story that pays off hard work and sheer dedication.

Despite her illness, she didn’t compromise her passion and balanced her work life while caring for her health. It’s been an inspiring story for many who have struggled with their career.

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