Who Is Keli Lane? Learn Her Age, Husband, Children, And Family

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Keli Lane Pregnant, Baby Murder Case, Investigation & Jail

Born on 21 March 1975, Keli Lane is an Australian former water polo player and teacher who is now serving her imprisonment on a charge of the murder of her newborn child.

According to Wikipedia, Lane is serving her 18-year sentence and is ready for her parole, simply her first release on 12 May 2023. She was accused of killing her child in 2011, and the high court announced her imprisonment, denying her appeal in 2014.

In the following section, we will discuss the age, mental condition, parents, family, and all other aspects of the lane’s life. Keep reading to discover.

Keli Lane Age, Bio Quick facts

Name Keli Lane
ProfessionAustralian former water polo player and teacher
Date of birth 21 March 1975
Age 27 years
PopularAfter the murder of her child
Imprisonment18 years sentence
First Parole12 May 2023
ParentsSandra Lane and Robert Lane
BrotherMorgan Lane
Marital statusUnmarried
Ex-boyfriend (not confirmed)Patrick Cogan, Duncan Gillies

Keli Lane Age

As mentioned above, Keli was born in 1975 to her parents in Fairlight, Australia. Currently, she is in her late twenties, at the age of 27 years. Though she is in her twenties, over half her life has been spent in prison.

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Keli Lane Parents

Lane was born to her parents, Sandra Lane and Robert Lane. Her mother, Sandra Lane, is a former hospital worker at Manly Hospital, and her father, Robert Lane, is a retired police officer.

Keli Lane Siblings

Keli Lane is not the only child of her parents, as she has a brother named Morgan Lane. Often confused with the infamous fashionista, Morgan, there are significantly fewer details on Lane’s brother, Morgan.

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Keli Lane Career

Lane enrolled in the University of Newcastle for an arts degree but dropped it off and started working as a water polo coach at Ravenswood School for Girls. She attended her schooling at Mackellar Girls High School in Manly, Australia.

After this, her journey as a water polo coach started. Later, she became a sports convener at Ravenswood as a qualified teacher and instructor.

Keli Lane one month before giving birth to Tegan ( Source: newidea.com.au)
Keli Lane one month before giving birth to Tegan ( Source: newidea.com.au)

Not only this, but she was also one of the silver medal-winning Australian Junior Women’s team members at the 1995 World Championships, which was held in QuebecCanada.

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Is Keli Lane married? Boyfriend, Husband

Keli Lane is not married yet. She leaves her prison in May 2023 after spending 13 years on parole. Not her husband, but some secret source mentioned that she wanted to marry her ex-boyfriend Patrick Cogan.

Cogan stood by her on all her hearings supporting her. One of the couple’s well-wishers mentioned, “She does want to marry Patrick,” “In an ideal situation, she’ll be home by Christmas, and they can finally be together making up for all the lost time”, according to the news report of newidea.com. au

Before Cogan, Lane was believed to have been in a relationship with rugby union player Duncan Gillies between 1994 and 1998.

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Lane was accused of murdering her two-day-old baby in 2011. When asked if she accepts the guilt, she stated that she gave her baby to the baby’s biological father, Andrew Morris. Later, she corrected him as Andrew Norris.

The Australian police, buro, and several cyber institutions have tried to trace the individual’s identity but couldn’t trace him. It’s still not sure if it was some tales made by the lane or if he does exist.

Lane said she was pregnant with Tegan after having a one-night stand with Andrew Norris on a Friday night.

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Keli Lane Pregnancy and Children

Lane has been recorded as being pregnant about five times over seven years during the 1990s. She terminated her initial two pregnancies and gave birth to her third and fifth children, which she gave up for adoption.

She allegedly killed her fourth child, which she claims to have given to her boyfriend, Andrew Morris, who is not yet traced.

Her initial children are supposed from her relationship with Duncan Gillies. Gillies has accepted the first child as his own, but he denied being the father of the children, which she gave birth to in 1999.

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Did Keli Lane kill her baby? Murder of her child?

Lane was sentenced to imprisonment by the high court for 18 years after killing her two-day child, Tegan. Lane was proven guilty by the law and is well-accepted by the people that she killed her baby, but Lane has still denied murdering her child.

She still states that she had not killed her baby and gave it to her father, Andrew Morris, who doesn’t exist in the data.

She gave birth to Tegan on September 12, 1996, and as per the hospital record, she was submitted to (Auburn Hospital), she was discharged two days later, but the baby was never seen again. Despite not finding her daughter, she went to her friend’s wedding the same day and was carefree for the mother who had lost her daughter.

Keli Lane during her initial relationship with ex-boyfriend Patrick Cogan (Source: dailymail UK )
Keli Lane during her initial relationship with ex-boyfriend Patrick Cogan (Source: dailymail UK )

Now Lane receives the remarks as psycho, child killer, and murderer. Once, she was a well-appreciated water polo player.

Keli Lane Release

Keli Lane is set to parole on 12 May 2023 after serving 13 years and five months in her custody. For now, she has not been released and is only on parole.

Parole is not the official release but a chance given to the guilty to prove that they have become a better person and will not conduct any harm to anything.

After Lane was given parole on 12th May, many news reporters published her pictures online. Most of the netizens commented, saying the baby killer and psycho murderer.

Keli Lane Documentary, Netflix, and Podcast

A documentary has been filmed regarding the life of Lane and her child murder case. The documentary was named “Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane. and has three episodes. It was released on Netflix in 2018 with the cast of Caro Meldrum-Hanna and Elise Worthington.

The documentary has clips of Lane during her prison and some of her interviews. One can easily watch the documentary on Netflix.

Not just the documentary but several podcasts are available narrating the life of Lane, describing her psychic state, murder of the child and pregnancies. One of the infamous is the one by Apple podcast named Redhanded.

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